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Myriam Moody for School Board
Myriam Moody for School Board

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Myriam Moody for School Board
Myriam Moody for School Board

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Myriam Moody for School Board
Myriam Moody for School Board

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Why I'm Running

 During my 28 years as a college professor, many students have come into my classroom. All have the same goal: be as prepared as possible to successfully meet the future head on. Unfortunately, too many of these students have come to college unprepared. Education starts in elementary school where students learn basic skills such as reading and writing. This is what parents expect, but the school district is continuing to fail them. As of 2022, California has the lowest literacy rate, with nearly 25% of young adults considered illiterate. Literacy starts in elementary school, but current school districts are not prioritizing it. I have been an educator for almost three decades, a career which I love. It often takes incredible sacrifice and patience. I will bring those same ideals to the school board while working hard to listen to parents and students. My goal is simple: prioritize basic skills for our children and provide support for their future endeavors. The parent’s voices will be heard and our children will be prepared for the future. Stand with our parents and children and Vote Moody for School Board on or before November 8th. Prioritize our children's future since they are ours.


Myriam's Priorities

Academic Excellence

I will ensure all students receive access to high quality core courses and career technical education programs to prepare them for the future.

I will actively solicit the voices of parents to ensure I am supporting and preparing their children for the future.

Putting Parents in Charge

Fiscal Responsibility

I will ensure education funding is directly spent to benefit students and not unnecessary projects.

"As a professor, I am on the front lines of education for our children. Teachers see what students lack and I promise to be your voice for these concerns. Instead of voting for someone who fails to listen to parents and aggravates existing issues, vote for me and I will address the problems students suffer everyday."

- Myriam Moody

What is Wrong With the La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board?


Have you ever felt like your voice was ignored by the La-Mesa-Spring Valley School Board members? I have spoken to parents throughout the district who are frustrated by the lack of communication from their school board representatives. Parents should always be actively involved in their children's education, but instead, they are avoided. 

Teachers don't feel supported by school board policies and with 25% illiteracy among young adults in California, students are not prepared for the future.

This is unacceptable.

Education is supposed to start in elementary school, where students learn reading, writing, and math. Instead, children are being left behind while parents and staff are neglected.

The bottom line, parents are not valued, staff is not supported, and students are unprepared. Vote Myriam for School Board on or before November 8th. I promise to actively solicit the voices of parents and staff while ensuring all children have access to quality core courses.


Stand with me as I fight for our children!

Myriam's Message

As a community college professor, I see the problems with our school district in my students. It's time to fix this! I will focus on preparing students for future and career readiness. I will address parental concerns and advocate for spending directly to our children.


Thank you for reaching out!

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